08/19/2022: Warning to Mortgage Customers of Deceptive Marketing Materials

Mortgage deceptive mail example

A Wolf River Community Bank staff member received ALL of these deceptive solicitations within a week of closing on a new home equity line of credit.


If you’ve recently purchased a home, refinanced your mortgage or taken out a home equity loan or line of credit, chances are you’ve received marketing materials or solicitations which have Wolf River Community Bank’s name, logo, or have the appearance of being approved or sent by the bank. These materials are deceptive.  They may include rate offers and mortgage insurance products. It is highly likely the marketing materials may include the bank’s name within an address window or in other prominent locations to entice you to open and respond to the material and may even reference the loan number or dollar amount of your recent mortgage transaction.


Often, these deceptive marketing pieces appear after a mortgage loan application has been submitted or after a mortgage loan has closed, but we can assure you that Wolf River Community Bank does not share or sell nonpublic customer information, nor are the solicitations endorsed by the bank.  Other businesses within the mortgage lending industry use public information, such as filings with the local Register of Deeds Office or information from credit reports to create the materials and generate leads.


Wisconsin law prohibits the use of a bank’s name, logo, symbol, or any combination thereof that is deceptively similar to an actual bank’s name or logo. State law also prohibits any marketing material or solicitation in a manner that makes a reasonable person believe the material is from their bank, was endorsed by their bank, or that their bank is responsible for the item.


Should you receive such materials, feel free to drop them off during your next stop into the branch or email a scanned copy to mortgages@wolfriverbank.com as we actively respond through our regulators to cease such deceptive marketing tactics.


Keep an eye out for these deceptive mailings, and as always, reach out to your banker or your lender with any questions or concerns.