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Agricultural Lending:

Having a bank that understands your industry and operation is a necessity in agriculture.  At Wolf River Community Bank, we have two loan officers that are actively involved in agriculture, so you can be assured that we not only understand your industry, but live it as well.

Whether your needs be a new piece of equipment or a short-term note, or as big as purchasing a new operation or expanding your current farm, we have the ability to handle your loan request and finance your dreams.

Wolf River Community Bank offers:

  • Agricultural Real Estate Loans
  • Cattle and Machinery Loans
  • Lines of Credit for crops or market livestock
  • Short-term notes for a variety of reasons

We also have the ability to work with the Farm Service Agency or WHEDA if your situation calls for those programs.

With decades of farm experience on staff, we would appreciate the opprotunity to look at your farm operation and see what Wolf River Community Bank can do to help you achieve your future goals.