Wolf River Bank Officers

¬†Meet Wolf River Community Bank’s Officers

Wolf River Community Bank – Mission Statement
Dedicated to helping people pursue their financial dreams and goals.

Joseph Peikert
Hortonville Branch 779-5270
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Jason Bloxham
Sr. Vice President
Hortonville Branch 779-5266
Mortgage Originator #977555
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Janice A. Young
Vice President
Hortonville Branch 779-5283
Mortgage Originator # 510486
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William Kedinger
Vice President
Hortonville Branch 779-5276
Mortgage Originator # 510484
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Lance Schmidt
Vice President
Greenville Branch 707-7770
Mortgage Originator # 1084158
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Lee D. Stevenson
Vice President
Greenville Branch 707-7771
Mortgage Originator # 779794
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Karen Duch
Vice President - Branch Manager
New London Branch 982-0055
Mortgage Originator # 553386
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Robbie Miller
Vice President Accting/Operations
New London Branch 982-0055
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Chelsea Hanson
Vice President Compliance
Hortonville Branch 779-5279
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